How Everlasting Whites started...
From the perspective of a dental patient.

Putting out fires and rescuing people from dangerous situations is just another day on the job for firefighter Tyson Swayt. 

 “A good smile is the first thing I see when I meet someone.” 

Tyson’s career as a fireman is dedicated to saving others, but his own smile was in need of rescue.

Saving the Smile of a First Responder

During Tyson’s teen years, he was in braces from 12 to 14 years old. An expander widened his arch, the braces corrected his overbite, but his bright white smile was short-lived. 

At 18 years old, a skateboarding accident knocked out one tooth and significantly chipped another. 

For the next 6 years, Tyson tried to make the best of his smile, but he was extremely conscientious of his smile. 

After, root canals and implants, and eventually a full  cosmetic restoration, Tyson knows a thing or two about being in the patient chair and wanting a nice smile. 

About the company

In 2012, Tyson created Everlasting Whites as a way to help rescue smiles and give patients the confidence to whiten their teeth safely. 


Founder, Tyson Swayt, understands better than most how much a smile can affect confidence. 


Everlasting Whites works closely with dental clinics to create custom made teeth whitening syringes that place the practice’s brand in the best light. 

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